Welcome To The College Essay Clinic

A Division of College Planning Partnerships

What is the College Essay Clinic?

The clinic format provides students with their own tutor who supports them through the entire process. From organization to brainstorming to a finished essay, your tutor is there for you. Your writing tutor will help you write an essay *and supplements* that show colleges who you are and why they should accept you.

The Writing Tutors

We are writers, tutors, and professionals who care about producing winning essays.

Getting Started


We use a web based communication platform called Lua to communicate and exchange documents. After accepting your invitation to Lua you will be assigned a writing tutor and start communicating.


Your tutor will schedule a time to discuss your school list, essay questions, supplemental essays, and application deadlines.


Develop a strategic timeline and plan for the most efficient completion of your essays, including all deadlines.


The result of a solid plan and well organized approach makes its way to the page.

Our Process

Communicating via Lua will help you stay on task and work efficiently towards your goals.

Depending upon where you are in the process we will share the appropriate resources to get you started.

Already have a first draft? No worries! Start by sharing that with your tutor and they will get started editing right away.


How Our Tutors Help You Write Winning Essays

All drafts will be read, edited, and returned with track changes and detailed feedback within a week of submitting. Your tutor will help you to submit the essay that best represents you by offering suggestions on several aspects.

Creating compelling theme and engaging content
Selling yourself to the school through your writing
Correcting Issues of grammar, usage, and expression

Communication platform promoting accountability for tutor and student

Why Lua:
Effective communication is the backbone of collaboration. Lua empowers College Essay Clinic clients to effortlessly communicate with their tutors, minimizing stress and confusion.

It doesn’t matter what devices people use or where they are. Communication and files on Lua are synced and can be accessed from any computer or smartphone anywhere in the world.



Who You Need
Tutors and Administrators are just a touch away via call or message.

Instant Conference Calling
Conference call with your tutor and consultant (if you have one) with no dial-in or password.


Your Messages in One Place
Flexible messaging on every device allows for efficient, organized communication between tutors, students and administrators.

Share Files
Attach files directly into your conversations and share the most updated versions with your tutor instantly. Once you attach a file, you can add a message or just distribute the file by hitting send.

Request Confirmation
Confirm that your tutor has received your essays or important messages.


Always up to the Minute
Whenever a new file is published, it will be in your file center immediately, on your smartphone and on the web.

Know Instantly
Whenever a file or document is sent to you by your tutor it will instantly be sent to your smartphone or email.