How We Edit

We help students students tell their stories

Our editors are determined to help you tell your story as eloquently and powerfully as you can. They will work with you to bring out your best—to craft your essay to the best of your ability and sell your strongest points to the admission officers. Here is how we work:

  • Your personal editor will spend up to 3 hours on your essay. These hours include communications with you concerning any part of your paper or steps in writing it and several edits of drafts and revisions. If desired, additional editing time can be purchased by contacting our office.
  • Your editor will return your rough draft with extensive comments, changes, and suggestions. Comments and changes are made through Microsoft Word Track Changes.
  • The first edit typically focuses on content: developing a clear theme, strong focus, and appropriate scope and length.
  • Subsequent edits continue to shape the content of the essay, but focus more on polishing expression, grammar, and style.
  • We will not rewrite your essay or impose our own style on yours; instead, we will help you to find your own voice and tell your story to the best of your ability.

The Draft We Received

revised essay example 1

First Edit

revised essay example 2
revised essay example 3

Subsequent Edit

revised essay example 4

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